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Clinicmaster gives you everything you need to effectively manage – and grow – your practice. Our cloud-based EMR is the most secure and feature-rich platform on the market today!

Lucianna P.
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Charles P.
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Quebec Software for health professionals. Full of interesting features, new Cloud Version.
Thomas J.
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Powerful system supported by exceptional organization
Stephanie H.
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Conall was a great help with the migration to the cloud! We have been using CM for years and love it! -Stephanie H.
Dory A.
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A good friend of mine introduced me to Clinicmaster and I’m impressed with what they have to offer. The functionality of the system. And the people! Can’t beat the talent and team work of this group! 5 star 🌟
Jason P.
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Pros: It has everything I need and they keep updating the system with improvements Reason for choosing Clinicmaster: Two Major reasons – the fast cloud-based software and the price. Since Covid, I transitioned to a practice that has no staff. At first, I was worried if I could handle running a busy office with no staff. The ease of use, the patient portal and the automation take all of that stress away.

Developed in partnership with the rehabilitation community over the past 20 years, Clinicmaster is the most comprehensive practice management platform on the Canadian market.

At Clinicmaster, your peace of mind is our priority and, as your partner, we’re committed to your success. Our integrated cloud-based solution gives you all the tools you need to expertly manage – and grow – your practice.


At Clinicmaster, we know that each practice is unique. Our Control Centre is designed to be completely customizable, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your team’s schedules.

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Chart notes created in Clinicmaster are stored on HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure Servers, and users can design and import their own unique chart notes using features that include quick texts, drawings, pictures and videos.

Case Management

Efficient case management is one of Clinicmaster’s strong points. Practitioners can create unique chart notes, delegate tasks to other staff members, update billing codes, include exercise plans for clients, and create treatment protocols – anywhere, and from any device.

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Clinicmaster simplifies day-to-day operations, including billing and accounting. Our robust platform not only allows your clients to pay for their treatments online, but also manages auditing, accounts receivable, collections, end-of-day procedures, third-party batch billing, direct insurance billing and practitioner compensation.

Client Portal

Clinicmaster’s client portal gives your clients the freedom to book their own appointments and pay online. They can even review their chart notes, access educational material and exercise plans, and chat with your team.

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Virtual patient care can enhance client relationships and improve patient outcomes. Clinicmaster leverages Microsoft Teams as a telehealth solution, giving practitioners the flexibility to chart, record videos, take screenshots, manage wait rooms, and even host group telehealth sessions.

KPIs and Stats

With Clinicmaster, you can get a holistic view of your clinic’s management and make data-driven decisions based on the platform’s customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports.

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Clinicmaster can also be a promotional tool for your practice. Use the built-in features to create personalized email campaigns that can help you build lasting relationships with your clients and business partners.

Privacy, Security and Compliancy

With Clinicmaster, your clients’ data is secure, and their privacy is ensured. Clinicmaster is hosted on Microsoft Azure Servers – some of the most secure and compliant servers in the world – and stored within your own country. And, for maximum security, Clinicmaster also encrypts all data before storing and has a number of built-in features that ensure PIPEDA, GDPR, HIPAA, PIPA, PHIPA and PCI compliancy.

Other Features Included in Clinicmaster

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Product Integrations

Word Processor

Automated Reminders

Wait List Management

Regional Modules

Online Payment

Inventory Management

Desktop Application


Social Media Revenue Tracking

Net Promoter Score


And so much more!

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