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Per month, billed annually Or $88 per month, billed monthly

Intuitive booking

Streamlined billing

Smart charting

Base price includes 1 licence

$25 per month per additional practitioner.



Per month, billed annually Or $149 per month, billed monthly

All the features in plan 1, plus…

Case management

Business management and KPI reports

Advanced marketing tools

Base price includes 1 license

$30 per month per additional practitioner


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All the features in plans 1 and 2, plus






Pricing is based on full-time practitioners. A full-time practitioner works minimum 24hrs per week. Part-time practitioners’ prices are reduced by 10.00 per month. All packages will be charged annually by default.

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Patients can book appointments online based on practitioner availability, and even schedule remote (telehealth) appointments on various videoconferencing platforms. Online appointment booking
Effortlessly book in-person appointments in real-time with Clinicmasters' intuitive scheduling solution. In-clinic appointment booking
With its simple, user-friendly interface, our calendar integrates various EMR features to help you manage your practice more efficiently. Plus, it's customizable, so you can create specific layouts, colour-code appointment types and more. Intuitive customizable calendar
Automate and streamline your client communication with personalized email reminders for appointments. Reduce no-shows, increase efficiency, and enhance patient engagement with Clinicmasters' intuitive email appointment reminders. Email appointment reminders
Stay connected and reduce no-shows with Clinicmasters' SMS reminders, ensuring improved clinic attendance and enhanced patient engagement. SMS appointment reminders
Streamline your clinic's workflow with Clinicmasters' printable daysheets. Easily generate customized daysheets that provide a comprehensive overview of your daily appointments. Printable daysheets
This intuitive feature allows you to text appointment reminders directly to your clients. Automate the date and time of your email and text reminders, and add details on how clients can confirm or cancel. You can even customize the language of your message. Telephony app reminders ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Not only can you track the status of patients on a waitlist, to see if they've been seen or if they've rescheduled or cancelled, but you can also prioritize your list based on urgency or patient condition. Waitlist management
Ideal for group therapy or family sessions, group booking allows you to fit several people into the same appointment. And with the appointment series feature, patients can schedule appointments in batches. Group and appointment series booking
Teams can communicate and collaborate in real time with Clinicmaster's team chat. And practitioners can securely share patient information, treatment plans and more. Team chat ADD-ON
Connect with your patients through our telehealth and virtual waiting room sessions for convenient, efficient, and personalized healthcare. Telehealth and virtual waiting room sessions ADD-ON
Streamline your clinic's collaboration and boost productivity with Clinicmasters Microsoft Teams sessions. Microsoft Teams sessions ADD-ONADD-ON
Unify, optimize, and excel your clinics operations. Effortlessly manage the performance of multiple clinics with Clinicmaster's comprehensive multi-clinic view. Multi-clinic view ADD-ON
A convenient and efficient self-service solution designed to enhance the patient experience and streamline the receptionist's workflow. With the client kiosk, patients have the ability to check themselves in for appointments, fill out forms, pay their invoices, and book appointments without the need for assistance from clinic staff. Client kiosk ADD-ON
With Clinicmaster's central booking feature, managing appointments across multiple clinic locations has never been easier. Our intuitive software allows patients to book appointments online based on practitioner availability, providing the flexibility to schedule appointments at various locations. Whether your clinic has two or more branches, Clinicmaster's central booking ensures a seamless experience for both patients and clinic staff. Central booking ADD-ONADD-ON
Clinicmaster makes it easy to create invoices, statements and receipts – in just a few clicks. Dynamic billing
Clinicmasters' Invoicing and payment processing feature enables seamless financial transactions and simplified accounting functions. With Clinicmasters, you can effortlessly manage billing, including auditing, accounts receivable, collections, and end-of-day procedures, ensuring efficient and accurate financial management for your healthcare practice. Invoicing and payment processing
Conveniently manage invoices and payments online, empowering patients to view and settle treatment invoices remotely. Simplify billing processes and enhance payment collection without the need for physical visits to the clinic. Online billing and payment
This feature truly streamlines the third-party billing process, allowing your team to submit claims, track claim status and view payment information all in one place. Plus, the system automatically checks for errors, so you can curb the rate of denied claims. Third-party billing
This integration lets you access patient information and insurance details, such as claim number and case manager contact info. Plus, it automatically checks for errors, so you can curb the rate of denied claims. Provincial insurance integration ADD-ON
Save on credit card processing fees with PayStream. They guarantee to meet or beat your current processing rate. Payment processing with Paystream
Clinicmaster's inventory management feature lets you not only track all the products you offer, but sell them to your patients directly. It even lets you create catalogues, track purchases and generate sales reports. Sales and inventory
The platform registers purchased gift cards and keeps track of redeemed ones, ensuring accurate bookkeeping and reducing administrative work. Gift card sales and management
Invoices and statement forwarding
Clinicmaster's EMR system offers a customizable invoice feature that allows you to select the invoice style that best suits your clinic. Multiple invoice styles
Process payments and manage inventory directly from an EMR system that's fully integrated with Clover devices. This means you can use Clover's advanced functionalities to increase the efficiency and security of all your transactions. Full Clover device integration
Prepayment by practitioner, day or service ADD-ON
Central Billing ADD-ONADD-ON
Central payment ADD-ONADD-ON
Chart attachments
Create chart notes in line with all the requirements of various government insurance programs. Charting on government forms ADD-ON
Dashboard for tracking chart notes
Invitations to fill out forms
Sharing of notes to teams
Real-time video- and picture-taking
Multiple ways of creating chart notes
Create, manage and share care plans, including treatment plans, care goals and progress notes, all within one intuitive EMR system. Shareable care plans
Replace unsecure email communications with Clinicmaster's client messaging system, available as part of the EMR. Attachments such as test results, images and documents are encrypted and stored within the EMR itself, so patient information is always kept confidential and secure. Secure client messaging
Create chart notes specific to the needs of your practice – and your patients. Customizable chart notes
With predefined phrases and templates, Clinicmaster's quick phrases feature lets you save time and cut down on potential errors. Quick phrases
Save precious time spent filling out forms, with Clinicmaster's customizable quick forms feature. Quick forms
Fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Clinicmaster's word processor lets you create referral letters, discharge summaries and even prescriptions, all in a flash. And sending is a breeze with the mail merge feature. MS Word-compatible word processor with mail merge
Search, filter and export features for chart notes
Clinicmaster's comprehensive task management feature lets you set reminders about follow-ups, Rx refills and lab results, and assign them to specific members of your team. Task list creation and management
Full audit trail with encrypted data
Faxable chart notes
Clinicmaster is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, some of the most secure and compliant servers in the world, so your clients’ data always remains safe and confidential. Data storage
Access to personal chart notes
Exercise plans
Outcome measurement ADD-ON
Client education
With a wide array of predefined templates available with Clinicmaster, practitioners can save time, reduce errors and focus on providing the best care for their patients. Case templates
Document vital information such as patient injuries, symptoms and treatment plans, and get a complete, accurate picture of your patients' medical records. Injury management
Case funder limit tracking
Set and track treatment limits for your patients. You can even get a reminder when a treatment limit is approaching, so you can manage your patients' care proactively. Treatment session limit tracking
Discharged patient outcome tracking
Treatment plans
Standards of care with customizable protocols
Post-discharge questionnaires
Create customized care programs for your patients. Clinicmaster lets you upload exercise programs and medication regimens to the EMR, and even get reminders for follow-ups. Care programs
MVA and WCB case differentiation
Set outcome measures, such as pain levels, motion ranges and functional capacity, and track your patients' progress in an easy-to-understand graph. Outcome measure tracking and graphing
Track patient vitals and view them as a graph. This valuable feature lets providers easily access important patient information and monitor changes over time. Vital sign tracking and graphing
Email marketing campaigns ADD-ON
Optimize your marketing communications with custom SMS messages or message templates. And track your SMS campaigns through readily available metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates. SMS marketing campaigns ADD-ON
Clinicmaster’s user-friendly CRM helps you stay in touch and build lasting relationships with your clients. Full CRM system ADD-ON
Clinicmaster's comprehensive CRM system is ideal for fostering relationships built with community members who have referred patients to your practice. Relationship-building tools for referrals ADD-ON
Referrals have never been easier to coordinate, be it on the web or through various referral channels. Keep track of who referred your practice – and who you have referred your patients to. Referrals ADD-ON
VIP referral program ADD-ON
With its built-in net promoter score (NPS) feature, Clinicmaster lets you to easily manage and track feedback from your customers. Make informed decisions that will help you build stronger relationships and provide better care for your patients in the short and long term. Customer feedback management with built-in NPS ADD-ON
Customer surveys ADD-ON
Google Analytics management ADD-ON
With this intuitive EMR feature, you can track and manage direct bookings on the web or using the desktop app or client portal. Direct booking management ADD-ON
Create a quick link that directs your clients to practitioners, reasons for booking and various other services and disciplines found on the client portal. Creation of quick links ADD-ON
View and organize client testimonials, so you know which ones to promote in your marketing communications. Testimonials ADD-ON
Central marketing ADD-ONADD-ON
This valuable feature allows you to see all your analytics in one spot. You can even apply powerful filters to view your data as charts and graphs, so that critical metrics can be checked in just a glance. Clinic management ADD-ON
KPI exportation to Excel ADD-ON
Revenue comparison ADD-ON
Practitioner-generated revenue ADD-ON
MVA- and WCB-generated revenue ADD-ON
Practitioner load management and scheduling ADD-ON
Central Reporting ADD-ONADD-ON
With Clinicmaster, you can store and access patient information in a secure, digital format. This eliminates the risk of physical files being misplaced or accessed by unauthorized individuals. A secure and centralized system
Clinicmaster utilize advanced encryption protocols to protect patient data from unauthorized access. This ensures that only authorized personnel can view and modify patient records. Robust data encryption and security
Clinicmaster includes automated data backup and disaster recovery features. In the event of a system failure or natural disaster, you can rest assured knowing that your patients' information is protected and can be restored quickly. Regular backups and disaster recovery
Clinicmaster allows you to set up user access controls, granting specific permissions to different individuals within your practice. This ensures that only authorized staff members can access certain patient information. Unique security roles and permissions
Clinicmaster's compliance efforts contribute to maintaining the trust and confidence of its user base. The software's focus on security includes encryption of data, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access, security incidents, and vulnerabilities. These measures are vital in an era where data breaches pose significant risks to organizations and their customers. SOC 2 and ISO compliance workflow
Experience seamless access and enhanced security with Clinicmaster's SSO integration with Microsoft. Log in effortlessly using your Microsoft credentials, simplifying authentication while ensuring your clinic's data remains protected. SSO with Microsoft ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Sending of logs via email, SMS and fax
View any activity corresponding to a chart note (including downloading, viewing, printing, editing, sign off, delete) Chart note tracking
Clinicmaster maintain comprehensive audit trails, documenting any changes or access to patient records. This feature helps identify any suspicious activity and promotes accountability among staff members. Audit trails
Customer support
Customer onboarding ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Clinicmaster basic training
Printable/scannable product labels ADD-ON
Product recommendations ADD-ON
Stock tracking ADD-ON
Purchase orders ADD-ON
Clover integration, label printing, scanning
MVA and WCB submissions
Multitasking optimization
Batch billing
Real-time synching between cloud and desktop applications
Practitioner payment (percentage) ADD-ON
Practitioner payment (hourly) ADD-ON
Practitioner payment (fixed fee) ADD-ON
Compensation packages ADD-ON
Tip payment ADD-ON
Statutory holiday payment ADD-ON
Stay on top of your clinic's administration with Clinicmaster's streamlined approach to task management. Assign, prioritize and track the progress of your tasks, set due dates and reminders, and improve overall patient care. Tasking
Never miss a critical task! Get email, SMS or in-app notifications whenever an important task or event is coming up, so you can prioritize your workload. Alerts
Custom admin help
At-a-glance notifications (web bookings, SMS, web cancellations, unfilled forms)
At-a-glance virtual waiting room
Experience rating / NPS ADD-ON
Testimonials ADD-ON
Option to customize brand colours and logo
Billing and accounts receivable tracking
Report generation
Check on the status of outstanding balances from clients and funders, and create reports so you can get an overall view of your collections. Invoice collection management
Multiple general ledger accounts management
Accounting period posting and locking
Posting, tracking and auditing of financial changes
Single or batch invoicing for funders ADD-ON
Third-party payer tracking ADD-ON
Memberships ADD-ONADD-ON
Payment processing with PayStream
Central intercompany management ADD-ONADD-ON
Central configuration ADD-ONADD-ON
Client PortalEssentialEntrepreneurEnterprise
Online appointment booking
Online invoice payment
Corporate FeaturesEssentialEntrepreneurEnterprise
Client enterprise API ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON
Get personalized help with your Clinicmaster questions. This user-friendly feature allows you to submit queries and get step-by-step guidance from Clinicmaster's team of experts. Custom help ADD-ONADD-ONADD-ON