Partners and Integrations

Clinicmaster has proudly teamed up with partners and developed integrations to bring you exceptional tools, products, and services in areas such as marketing, billing and finance in order to make it easier to run and grow your healthcare practice.

We have teamed up with carefully selected companies that you can easily access via Clinicmaster, including payment processing and marketing tools. We have created a seamless integration with all the worker’s compensation and motor vehicle agencies in the different provinces, regions and territories across Canada.

Integrations which extend functionality

Lead Autom8r is a complete lead generation marketing system, with pre-built multiple campaigns.
Physiotec is a comprehensive, ever-growing online database of rehabilitation exercise videos created by and for physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. This Clinicmaster’s integration will help you assign exercise programs to your clients to achieving desired outcomes.
TELUS e-Claims is a Canada-wide, web-based system that allows you to submit claims to insurance companies electronically on behalf of your clients. They only pay their deductible when settling their bill. With its seamless integration, Clinicmaster bills the insurance company directly and the insurance company pays you.

If you are already registered for Insta-Claim with Pacific Blue Cross, Clinicmaster’s seamless integration, lets you submit claims online in as little as 30 seconds.

Partners which bring business to our clients

Lumino Health, a SunLife product, helps patients to find and connect with paramedical, dental, or vision care provider in their local area.

Partners Which offer services to our clients

Create the ultimate physiotherapy website that really stands out from your competition thanks to access to over 1300 PT-Approved patient education articles, automatic posting to your social media, surveys, newsletters and more. We have worked closely with PatientSites to obtain special pricing or features for Clinicmaster clients.