Clinicmaster is developed to ensure that all versions of the application remain compliant with:
This is accomplished in the application by providing the user with security and privacy controls which allows to protect their data when entered in Clinicmaster.

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

All Clinicmaster users agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions before using the application. The terms stated in these documents represent our agreement with our users on how Clinicmaster will handle the personal health information that is enter into the application. All Clinicmaster users are responsible for the personal health information that is entered into Clinicmaster.


Data security in Clinicmaster is taken seriously. We have developed a variety of features to ensure you data is protect when you are using our application. Here are a list of data features we have developed to protect your data.
Encryption & Secure Data Transfer
Clinicmaster encrypts all information that is stored into its web-based application. So that if there were a breach, intruders will not be able to access the data. Encrypted data in Clinicmaster is only visible to Clinicmaster users.
Secure Server Bank
Clinicmaster Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers within your Country. Microsoft servers are certified to follow the highest level of security compliance.
Account Administrator Control
Users who are given account administrators access can define permissions and restrictions of use for other users in Clinicmaster. Account administrators can define but are not limited to the following permissions and restrictions: accessing patient charts, billing records, and schedule records.
Unique User ID & Password Required
All Clinicmaster users access the application through their own private account. Logging into these private accounts require a username and password, these credentials are set up by the individual user.