Appointment Booking and Scheduling

At Clinicmaster, we know that each practice is unique. Our Control Centre is designed to be completely customizable, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your team’s schedules.

Online booking

With Clinicmaster you can offer your clients the ability to book their appointments online.

  • Clients can book their appointments in real time directly on your website
  • Clients can view which practitioners are available
  • Clients can book their follow up appointment
Intuitive calendar

Manage your team’s agendas with our simple built-in control center, designed to accommodate multi-disciplinary clinics.

  • View your practitioner schedules at-a-glance
  • Receive alerts when a practitioner is overbooked or double-booked
  • Group multiple practitioner schedules together to simplify booking process
  • Reserve rooms and equipment when needed
  • View pertinent client information while booking appointments
Personalized experience

Customize your schedule according to your business needs.

  • Organize schedules according to practitioner type: physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, osteopath, etc.
  • Set specific time intervals per treatment type
  • Use different colors to highlight important details like treatment type, insurance coverage, initial
    visit, etc.
  • Organize your practitioners schedule between online booking and clinic booking
Automated appointment reminders

Stay in touch with your clients and reduce no-shows and cancelled appointments with automated reminders.

  • Customize appointment reminders
  • Allow clients to confirm or cancel their appointment
  •  An invitation to fill out a customized form
Waitlist management

Instantly offer cancelled appointments to clients on your waitlist.

  • Offer service when schedules are full
  • Be proactive by letting clients know you will contact them at the first availability
  • Manage your waitlist per practitioner or first available practitioner

Smart and Effortless Charting

With Clinicmaster’s digital charting and EMR system, simplify every phase of charting, from intake to discharge, including complex case treatment plans. Seamlessly merge all information pertaining to a client into a single electronic chart – accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Chart notes created in Clinicmaster are stored on HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure Servers, and users can design and import their own unique chart notes using features that include quick texts, drawings, pictures and videos.

  • Create your customized charting forms
  • Search and filter through all created chart notes
  • Export as PDF, print and or email chart notes
  • Full charting audit trail, ultra-secure and encrypted
  • Create chart notes by typing, voice recording and drawing
Chart efficiently

Clinicmaster cloud is designed to optimize practitioners workflow.

  • Add photos, videos and documents to chart notes
  • Produce written letters with our word processor
  • Chart offline
  • Access your task list while charting
  • Update billing codes during the charting process
  • Delegate tasks to responsible staff members while charting
Case management

Efficient case management is one of Clinicmaster’s strong points. Practitioners can create unique chart notes, delegate tasks to other staff members, update billing codes, include exercise plans for clients, and create treatment protocols – anywhere, and from any device.

  • Case templates
  • Injury management
  • Track appointment limits
  • Follow client’s progress
  • Keep track of discharged patient performance
  • Manage third party billers
Treatment plans

Protocols and treatment plans allow clinics to design their own treatment standard and give the best care to their patient/client.

  • Create unique treatment plans
  • Create protocols that follow your standard of care
  • Create case templates for different injuries
  • Follow you clients progress
Diverse form library

We have a diverse library of forms that will exceed your expectations. We can also create customized forms to add to our existing library.

  • Assessment
  • Follow-up
  • Intake
  • Consent
  • Government or insurance forms
  • Discharge
  • And so much more!
Discharge process

Clinicmaster has built-in features to facilitate client communication and augment client referral even after their treatment cycle is complete.

  • Automatically send post-discharge outcome questionnaires
  • Create a maintenance program and invite your clients to follow at home after discharge
  • Send automated surveys asking clients to evaluate their experience at your clinic
  • Stay in touch with clients using friendly automated messages inquiring about their health status

Billing and Accounting

Clinicmaster simplifies day-to-day operations, including billing and accounting. Our robust platform not only allows your clients to pay for their treatments online, but also manages auditing, accounts receivable, collections, end-of-day procedures, third-party batch billing, direct insurance billing and practitioner compensation.

Dynamic billing

With Clinicmaster you have the ability to create invoices, statements and receipts, in just a few clicks.

  • Choose from different styles of invoices
  • Receive notifications for payments
  • Effortlessly print, fax or email invoices and statements
  • Manage refunds and credits
  • Sell and manage gift certificates and promotional campaigns
  • Sell products and services
Third party and split billing

Manage case funding with unlimited payer options and payment splits. Know who will be paying the client’s bill. Define how the bill will be split amongst different payers.

  • Address any complexity with Clinicmaster’s multi payer and multi-invoice coverage capabilities
  • Invoice one funder at a time, or batch bill all your funders at a defined time interval
  • Enter specific billing codes and contractual obligations per funder
  • Generate reports to keep track of your transactions with third-party payers
Regional billing modules

Clinicmasters billing module can manage patient insurance claims and help you send invoices to the insurance providers paying for the service. Clinicmaster Cloud is directly integrated with the following providers:

  • Teleplan, HCAI, Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Associations (MVA), CNESST, SAAQ, WorkSafeBC, MSP
  • TELUS e-claims
  • Pacific Blue Cross
Payment processing

With Clinicmaster you will have a complete and reliable Point-of-Sales (POS) solution and other device integrations.

  • Full Clover device integration
  • Cash drawer, bar code reader and other front desk tools integration
  • Reduce EOD calculation errors and discrepancies
  • Review the specifics of every transaction, with recorded date, user ID, totals, etc.
  • Assign an access code to everyone who may have to open your cash drawer
  • Records each time your cash drawer is opened
Practitioner compensation

Define a unique compensation plan that best suits each member of your team.

  • Set individual payment parameters for each practitioner and/or treatment category
  • Determine if you calculate compensation by percentage, flat rates, etc.
  • Decide whether you pay on the treatment date or when your clinic is paid
  • Generate easy-to-understand compensation reports
Inventory management

Offering your clients products that complement your treatments is a great way to help them achieve their wellness goals and increase your bottom line. Manage your inventory with Clinicmaster’s inventory management reports.

  • Clinicmaster tabulates sales totals and applicable sales taxes for you
  • Print labels to stick on your products and read with a barcode scanner
  • Receive Clinicmaster alerts when it is time to reorder stock
  • Build purchase orders and send them to your suppliers through Clinicmaster
  • Add product purchases and invoice details from the appointments screen, and proceed to the payment
Account receivable management

Accounting is an important part of your business. Stay on top of your account’s receivables with Clinicmaster’s powerful reporting tool and watch your business grow.

  • Track billing and accounts receivable
  • Process invoice payments-Generate easy to-understand reports
  • Manage collections with call-back reminders
General ledger management

Bookkeeping management with Clinicmaster’s general ledger feature will save you time and money. Send your bookkeeping to your accountant in minutes.

  • Set up multiple G/L (general ledger) accounts
  • Generate bookkeeping reports
  • Compatible with your accounting software
  • Post, track and audit all changes to your financial numbers


Clinicmaster can also be a promotional tool for your practice. Use the built-in features to create personalized email campaigns that can help you build lasting relationships with your clients and business partners.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Build good relationships with your customers using Clinicmaster’s easy-to-use CRM, this allows you to communicate one-on-one and stay in touch with your clients.

  • Improve your client experience with the right message, at the right time
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts with concrete data
  • Form strong relationships with your customers to ensure their return to your clinic
E-blast builder

Industry-leading e-blast builder offers you more ways to personalize and target your email campaigns.

  • Stay in touch with your community by sending out newsletter
  • Create unique educational content for your community
  • Send targeted e-blast announcing promotions, VIP discounts or complimentary services
  • Create an automated schedule to send emails
  • Add compelling links in your e-blasts to connect them to your website
Referral management

Keep track and create special ways to thank your greatest supporters, so they are more likely to refer you again.

  • Use the built-in Clinicmaster tools to communicate patient progress with referring doctors
  • Track referral trends so that you can follow-up and solidify your professional relationship
  • Build your own community with other professionals
  • Create a VIP referral program

KPIs and Stats

With Clinicmaster, you can get a holistic view of your clinic’s management and make data-driven decisions based on the platform’s customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports.

Client Portal

Clinicmaster’s client portal gives your clients the freedom to book their own appointments and pay online. They can even review their chart notes, access educational material and exercise plans, and chat with your team.


Virtual patient care can enhance client relationships and improve patient outcomes. Clinicmaster leverages Microsoft Teams as a telehealth solution, giving practitioners the flexibility to chart, record videos, take screenshots, manage wait rooms, and even host group telehealth sessions.

Compliancy and Security

With Clinicmaster, your clients’ data is secure, and their privacy is ensured. Clinicmaster is hosted on Microsoft Azure Servers – some of the most secure and compliant servers in the world – and stored within your own country. And, for maximum security, Clinicmaster also encrypts all data before storing and has a number of built-in features that ensure PIPEDA, GDPR, HIPAA, PIPA, PHIPA and PCI compliancy.


Data security in Clinicmaster is taken seriously. We have developed a variety of features to ensure your data is protected when you are using our application. Here are a list of data features we have developed to protect your data.

Encryption & secure data transfer

Clinicmaster encrypts all information that is stored into its web-based application. So that if there were a breach, intruders will not be able to access the data. Encrypted data in Clinicmaster is only visible to Clinicmaster users.

Secure server bank

Clinicmaster Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers within your Country. Microsoft servers are certified to follow the highest level of security compliance.

Account administrator control

Users who are given account administrators access can define permissions and restrictions of use for other users in Clinicmaster. Account administrators can define but are not limited to the following permissions and restrictions: accessing patient charts, billing records, and schedule records.

Unique user ID & password required

All Clinicmaster users access the application through their own private account. Logging into these private accounts require a username and password, these credentials are set up by the individual user.


  • Clinicmaster is developed to ensure that all versions of the application remain compliant with:
  • The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • Personal Health Information Protection (PHIPA)
  • PCI Compliant
  • This is accomplished in the application by providing the user with security and privacy controls which allows to protect their data when entered in Clinicmaster.